Maria Clarke Lawyers


Maria Clarke offers legal advice for not-for-profit organisations. She cover most areas of the law, that affect people and organisations, in the not-for-profit sectors.


In the not-for-profit sectors, contracts and arrangements are entered into, on a daily basis, involving commercial gain or benefit. Maria advises on all types of commercial arrangements, within these sectors, including advising clients on bidding for and accepting hosting rights for events, television and broadcasting rights, sponsorship agreements, protection of logos, names and other intellectual property, and contracts with staff, contractors and suppliers.
Her work includes advice on:

  • Funding agreements including Government contracts.
  • Trade marks, copyright and protection of intellectual property.
  • Sponsorship contracts.
  • Employment.
  • Broadcasting and rights agreements.
  • Leases.
  • Licensing.
  • Event management including entry forms.
  • Restraints of trade.
  • Membership databases.