Maria Clarke Lawyers


Maria Clarke offers legal advice for not-for-profit organisations. She cover most areas of the law, that affect people and organisations, in the not-for-profit sectors.

Management and Governance

Maria helps organisations draft rules that are clear, simple, legally compliant and best practice. She also guides organisations on the types of legal structures to suit their needs including incorporated societies, charitable trusts, companies and other legal structures such as those needed for special purposes such as endowments, events and other commercial activities. 
Her work includes advice on:

  • Rules and Constitutions including regional and club/local constitutions.
  • Regulations, By-Laws, and Policies including regulations for discipline/judicial, selection, member protection, anti-doping, membership databases and competition sanctioning.
  • National constitutions and governance advice.
  • Sportsville and other partnerships including facility management.
  • Meeting procedure and related constitutional questions and disputes.
  • Board and governance issues including composition, appointment processes and director duties.
  • Charitable trusts and charities.
  • Legal structures such as those required for sport and recreation organisations and sports events.